A Personal Story of a Life Transformed

Sue began coaching with me after a series of unexpected events uprooted long-held ideas of what her future would look like.


She had lost her husband suddenly, and too soon. On top of her grief, she was faced with a physical illness, limiting her mobility and requiring significant rehabilitation, care and patience. She found herself facing a future that looked very different than what she had planned.

The focus of our work together was uncovering new, empowering ways to look at and experience the world. How to move beyond her grief and re-enter the world of the doing.

Her story paints a picture of personal courage and a commitment to living one’s best life.

A few months ago, Sue and I had coffee. She was vibrant, filled with stories and laughter, having just tidied her table for me after hosting an impromptu dinner party the night before.

This interview captures how our year and a half of coaching began a profound journey of self-discovery for her. And how in the years since she’s has implemented many of the intentions we uncovered together. Today, her life feels rich and purposeful and she’s super excited about the future.


“Why did you begin coaching?”

I began working with you after life changing events shattered my preconceived ideas of my future. So much from my former very full and happy life was eroded by early widowhood, followed by a seriously challenging illness. Yes, I was strong and resilient, but I wasn't thriving.


“How did coaching help you?”

You helped me develop the tools to begin a real journey of self awareness. A life changing realization that compassion for myself is not a selfish act. Learning to accept that and grow has meant I have more compassion to give to others.

Our coaching helped me truly address the lifetime feelings of guilt, vulnerability, trying to please, and lack of confidence, despite knowing in theory that I had so much to offer.

You helped me set goals and held me accountable.

You were my AHA moment.

“What are you most excited about?”

I've learnt to set boundaries and manage relationships differently – letting go of negative ones, nurturing the remainder, and finding more energy to make new friendships. I have reduced my stress immensely by not being so hard on myself. I have embraced meditation and all the benefits it brings. 

I'm consciously expanding my world and on occasion pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

On a recent trip to London, travelling alone, I made a reservation at a famous restaurant I was so keen to try. In the past, I wouldn't have gone, worrying about eating alone on a Saturday night at Nopi?!! This time, I went. It was incredible!

I’ve revisited my love of learning and enrolled in several courses at Ryerson University. 

Arguably my biggest indulgence is doing two hour tai chi classes several times a week without any hesitation. No more guilt about "wasting time".

Life is more fun. I laugh a lot. I’m excited.


“What’s next?”

I am so grateful to you, Sarah, for helping me make this transition into my new life alone. I’m thriving now!

What I describe is just a sampling of what you've helped me achieve and the journey that you've helped me begin.

Two years in, it's a work in progress.

I still have the intention to make this very important stage of my life possibly the most fulfilling yet.

Sarah LangComment