This is 40! A Top 10 List


Today I am 40! And here is what I know to be true:


1. It’s not too late.

Just like how I learned to drive at 34 (after spending the 18 previous years too scared to get behind the wheel, firmly rooted in a belief that I was just the kind of person who didn’t even want a driver’s license anyway because who actually really wants to drive, right?!). Once I finally let myself entertain how my life would feel with a license -- easier, freer, more fun -- I decided to pursue it. I sat in a small room with 16 year olds and learned the rules of the road. I bought 10 in-car driving lessons. I completed them, petrified, sweating. I bought myself another 20 lessons. After that, I passed my test.

Every time I sit down in the driver’s seat, I am proud. I feel brilliant. I give myself a cheeky smile. I remember how the  greatest fulfillment usually lives directly behind the greatest fear. I remember it’s not too late.


2. I’ll be kind to myself.

Trying to be perfect is exhausting and stressful (and it doesn’t even work). Instead, I am learning how to be kinder, more patient and more compassionate with myself.


3. I’ll look inside instead of seeking someone else’s advice.

When I am unsure, my own values and intuition are my guides.  


4. I’ll choose the breathtaking option.

I want to be moved and inspired. I will choose books that make me feel moved and inspired.  And music, movies and conversations. I will seek out opportunities and moments that might take my breath away. I know this might mean extra work, time and fear. It will be worth it.


5. I’ll like whatever I like.

That means I will quit Game of Thrones. I will stop trying so hard to like oysters. And I will unapologetically listen to country music while I am working out. Pfew!


6. I’ll remember I can make a difference (even if someone else is more X, Y, or Z).

I read about this on another coach’s blog and loved the concept that I don’t need to know absolutely everything or be a guru in order to contribute meaningfully to a conversation and make a difference in people’s lives. Yes, I can always learn more and stretch. And I can do something and say something from where I am.


7. I’ll stay curious.

Curiosity is the antidote to judgement. It keeps life fresh and interesting. It also ensures I listen to people deeply and resist the urge to come up with responses before they’ve finished their sentences.


8. Today, I turn 40 years young.


I am 40, but I am still my younger self. I am Sarah at 6, who looks strikingly like my own daughter (same barettes, same gap between my front teeth). I am Sarah on my first day of undergrad, sitting on my dorm room windowsill in Montreal, wearing my purple Club Monaco tank top; nerves and excitement; a string of sunflower twinkly lights I was so excited to hang up in my room. I am Sarah in her Champagne Year - turning 27 on the 27th in Tokyo, dancing the night away.

Same Sarah on this birthday. Sarah at 40. Blowing out candles with 2 small kids in my lap, a 41 years young / old love by my side.


9. Today, I also turn 40 years old.

I am 40, and will love and care for myself in new ways that a 40 year-old woman becomes more aware of. Like my skin and my bones.


10. “What’s it time for now?”

This question was posed during a recent coaching workshop I attended. It’s a great question which I plan to ask frequently to others and to myself.

What is it time for now? It’s time to celebrate. To blow out candles and make some wishes. It’s time to eat some cake.


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