Balance Tips

Like most people, I strive for more balance in my life.

To me, “balance” means more than re-configuring my schedule and juggling the number of minutes I spend at work vs. play. Balance also means doing things to make my whole self feel centered and strong.  My mind and emotional life. My physical self. My ability to look at a problem or situation from a place of strength.

I take hundreds of small actions every week which either take me further away from or bring me closer to my own centre of balance. 

Here are three tips to bring you closer to your centre.



1. Balance for Sleep

Reading before bed is one of the easiest ways for you to feel more balanced and relaxed. I recommend choosing fiction instead of non-fiction or personal development - genres that will put you into future-planning and analysis mode. Instead, a good novel will transport you out of your own head. Even Tim Ferriss (who tests pretty much everything) agrees.


Right now I’m reading (um, balancing) two excellent novels, Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders and Less by Andrew Sean Greer. I recommend them both.




2. Balance Light with Darkness

On days when the world’s problems feel extra dark, I think about what best I can do with my attention and money. Last week I put my attention towards the issues affecting me the most. I donated money to RAISES and Together Rising. Both organizations are working to put migrant children back in their parent’s arms.

When a problem feels overwhelming, we may wonder how our donation could possibly make an impact. But after years working in the charitable sector, I know most problems aren’t solved without money.

Whether $10 or $1000, giving makes the world better, safer and more equitable. Also, aligning yourself with causes that speak to you will make you happier, healthier and give more meaning to your life

An instant silver lining.



3. Balance with Decisions

Balance isn’t a perfect result. It’s a state of being that requires making choices that serve your highest self.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to become a ‘decision-making ninja’ myself and helping my clients do the same. In fact,  I wrote a whole piece about it. Click the button below to read it.

I wish you a week balanced with whatever it is you need most. 

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