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3 Tips For Your Transition

Transitions can be tricky for all of us. But because they create space to breathe and pause, they are an ideal opportunity to develop resiliency muscles, connect more deeply with yourself and prove to yourself what you are capable of. Whether you are anticipating a transition or are already in the middle of one, here are three tips that will help you face it with purpose, allowing you to find more ease in the challenge and ultimately make the most of your new opportunity.

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Self-Care (Through the Eyes of My 6-Year Old Daughter)

It’s so incredibly easy, as a busy mom, to put my personal list of important things dead last. This natural inclination to take care of everyone else first makes choosing myself such a deliberate act – something that can feel strange, brave or uncertain. 

For many of the people I work with – particularly women – it feels impossible at first. But caring for your own needs is completely necessary. It’s worth it.  And there is a way to begin.


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