How to Make Decisions With Confidence

We can wrestle with the same question for years, or even decades! Should I quit my job? Leave this relationship? Move overseas? Submit my finished manuscript shoved in the bedside table?  

While we may fantasize about changing our lives, actually doing the changing is tough. When I feel stuck about a devision, I have a set of tools that I return to . They help me access my creativity and resourcefulness, tap back into my personal strength, clear the chatter and find my own best answers.

In this article I share my top 3.

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3 Tips For Your Transition

Transitions can be tricky for all of us. But because they create space to breathe and pause, they are an ideal opportunity to develop resiliency muscles, connect more deeply with yourself and prove to yourself what you are capable of. Whether you are anticipating a transition or are already in the middle of one, here are three tips that will help you face it with purpose, allowing you to find more ease in the challenge and ultimately make the most of your new opportunity.

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Rituals To Begin Your New Year

Currently, I’m with my family in New Brunswick and it is minus 30 degrees outside. Mid-afternoon, we bundled up and went outside to stand by a fire and say goodbye to 2017. We each held a piece of paper with a list of things to release into the fire. Good and bad.  We watched our lists go up in flames.

Learn about this ritual and 2 other incredible exercises to help you release last year and set the stage for a clean, amazing slate.

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Feeling Stuck? Try This Formula

You know those people who seem to effortlessly and routinely change their lives for the better?! No dramas - they just seem to decide to create change and then execute.

Well, here’s the thing – these people aren’t just lucky and inherently good at changing their lives. They’re good at change because: they take themselves and their desires seriously, and they get support along the way to make changing as easy as possible. It’s a formula you can replicate, too.

If you’re feeling stuck, unhappy, or just meh about your life, this article is for you. Here are my 3 steps to help you find a path out of the muck.

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Self-Care (Through the Eyes of My 6-Year Old Daughter)

It’s so incredibly easy, as a busy mom, to put my personal list of important things dead last. This natural inclination to take care of everyone else first makes choosing myself such a deliberate act – something that can feel strange, brave or uncertain. 

For many of the people I work with – particularly women – it feels impossible at first. But caring for your own needs is completely necessary. It’s worth it.  And there is a way to begin.


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Living A Life-By-Design

Adam and I regularly revisit our goals as a couple, and one of the things that comes up repeatedly is our shared desire to travel the world with our kids.

This summer we’re spending our second summer in overseas with our kids, Josephine and Oliver (6 and 3). We’re planning another month-long journey over the winter to Australia.

It’s no small thing to make it happen, and that’s exactly why we’ve been designing it for so long! We declare the dream to one another repeatedly; we make choices to support it; we put pieces into place.

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Balance Tips

Like most people, I strive for more balance in my life.

To me, “balance” means more than re-configuring my schedule and juggling the number of minutes I spend at work vs. play. Balance also means doing things to make my whole self feel centered and strong.  I take hundreds of small actions every week which either take me further away from or bring me closer to my own centre of balance. 

Here are three tips to bring you closer to your centre.

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